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Oddly enough, I have been painting for the last couple weeks.  Why do you all seem so shocked? You didn't know I painted? Neither did I!

Basically, this is what happened... I wanted to interview one of my very favorite artists and oracle deck creators, Rassouli. I had just reviewed the new gorgeous "Great Eastern Oracle" (Blue Angel Publishing, 2022).  I wanted to know more about Rassouli's journey in creating it and his unique Fusionart. But, what started out as a print Q&A for this column, morphed into a live improvisational discussion via Zoom! And, along the way, I got to experience the wild fun that is Rassouli's "Wisdom of Madness Playshop" online workshops.

As it turns out, it is okay if you don't call yourself a painter. You don't have to be to sign up for one of his workshops.  So I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to hang out with such an amazing artist and so many wonderfully creative folks and tell you about it! 

Here's the scoop: I now can highly recommend Rassouli's workshops! It's unlike anything I could have imagined. He drops so many jewels of wisdom while teaching about art, artists, and life!  He helps you find your way of painting even if, like me, you don't have a way of painting! But it's more than painting, what he is teaching are things that can be applied to many areas of your life, like your relationships, your career, your day-to-day... you name it! I find it mind-blowing and it feels transformative in the very best way! 

Now about that interview... of course I was excited about the prospect of interviewing Freydoon Rassouli, the internationally renowned artist behind such awesome oracle decks as the The Rumi Oracle, The Hero's Journey Dream OracleSufi Wisdom Oracle and the new Great Eastern Oracle. But, once we connected for this month's column, things got even more exciting!

Instead of a written interview, it became a live totally unscripted conversation.  I had such a great time chatting with Rassouli on April 16th! The replay is posted below:


I want to thank all who attended the live interview. It was so great to see all of you! I have so much gratitude to the fabulous Rassouli for sitting down to chat with me...thank you!  And big thanks to Mo for his technical wizardry! And shout out to Dax for his editing magic!

Enjoy the interview and check out the links below for more great things!

Rassouli's work can be found at https://www.rassouli.com

For his books & decks go here: Publications

To sign up for his retreats & online workshops, go here: Workshops

>>>> Watch my review of his new Great Eastern Oracle: Great Eastern Oracle review

>>>> Watch my review of his Sufi Wisdom Oracle:  Sufi Wisdom Oracle review

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