• My name is Michelle, and my favorite deck is the Tarot of Smithtiny.

  • My first deck was The Light Seer deck and I still use it. For studying I have used the RWS but I no longer use it. I prefer modern decks that don't have religious symbols. It is useful to learn the rich history of tarot and the meaning of the symbols but as I don't believe in any kind of religion, I don't enjoy using the words.

  • Hi EveryOne,

    My Name is Marina,

    I wanted to answer the question about my favorite tarot deck, wich is Tarot de Marseille. Of course you will think that it is because I am french, wich is not completely wrong but also because, I was so surprise to see a fortune teller using it in thailand. I was on the streets of Chiang-Mai when a woman asked me if I would like a reading with cards.
    I will tell you why I like it:


    These cards, with its rich history and iconic imagery, has captured the hearts of fortune telling enthusiasts for centuries. Among the various tarot decks available, the Tarot de Marseille holds a special place in my heart. Its timeless symbolism and precise energy make it my go-to deck, particularly when seeking clear answers to YES or NO questions.The card deck carries a profound historical significance, dating back to the 17th century. Its roots can be traced to the city of Marseille in France, where it gained popularity among fortune-tellers and spiritual seekers. The deck's traditional design preserves the essence of the original Marseille style, adding a touch of authenticity and depth to its readings.


    Symbolism and Visual Clarity: One of the distinctive features of the Tarot de Marseille is its straightforward and easily recognizable symbolism. The deck consists of vividly colored cards adorned with powerful archetypal images, allowing for clear interpretation and swift comprehension. This visual clarity makes it ideal for all kind of questions, as the cards can convey concise answers with remarkable precision.

    Strong Intuitive Connection: Using cards for simple questions taps into its innate ability to establish a strong intuitive connection. The deck's energy resonates deeply within me, enabling a seamless flow of insights and guidance. When I lay out the cards and ask a specific YES or NO question, the deck responds with an undeniable clarity, providing direct answers that cut through any uncertainty.

    Straightforward Numerology: The Tarot de Marseille's numbering system is a key aspect that enhances its effectiveness in answering YES or NO questions. Each card is numbered, from the Fool (card 0) to the World (card 21), allowing for a structured approach to interpretation. The numerical values contribute to a more focused and accurate response, lending themselves well to the binary nature of YES or NO inquiries in that page.

    Holistic Approach: While the Tthis deck excels at providing concise answers all I ask, its wisdom extends beyond simple responses. The deck's symbolism invites a broader exploration of the human experience, encouraging personal growth, self-reflection, and profound spiritual insights. It allows me to delve into the complexities of a situation, gaining deeper understanding while providing guidance along the way.


  • I am currently enjoying my own deck, which I recently launched !



  • Currently enjoying a few different decks; Steampunk Tarot, Tarot  in Wonderland and Tarot of Ohm.  But I'm with Dax Carlisle, CTM, CCH   I love my Radient RW deck for readings!

    • Awesome Adrianne! 👍 and thanks for sharing! 🎉 

  • My favorite game is: mine ;-)

    "Les Arcanes d'Arianne .G"

    10489167666?profile=RESIZE_930xDifficult to be more in harmony than with a Tarot Decks that comes out of our imagination, our inner self, our choices, our preferences, our little details.

    Here is an overview of the Major Arcana.

    To avoid requests, it is not for sale and that is all its strength, I created it for myself.

    Afterwards, I am a user and fan of the "Golden Thread Tarots" by Labyrinthos and it is a pleasure to see it in the background as soon as I come here.

    Arianne .G

  • My favorite deck is the Golden Thread Tarot Deck. It's a gold foil black matte deck. I like it because there are no colors to distract from the true message of the cards.


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    • 😎👍💕 oh nice 😊 !! Well anything my Ciro Marchetti I love! 

  • Hmm, let me think...That would be the Steele Wizard. I started with a homemade deck once the art was finished and scanned it into my new shiny computer (I was just learning to use) in 2000. Printing was fun because I had to use 2 sheets of photo paper and glue the backs onto the cards watching the sizing and keeping them lined up. That meant for the next few years I did all of my readings with a glue stick handy in case my cards started falling apart.

    I finally sold my house in 2004 and financed the first edition that finally got to my door in July of 2007. Finding a printer was almost as challenging as creating a deck back then. But anyway, there are currently 2 editions out which means I haven't needed a glue stick in over 14 years. And I'm signing a contract with Schiffer to print the 3rd edition with a new, expanded companion book. 

    Looks like I'll be sticking with this deck for a while. I do use the Wizard's Pets Tarot when I'm reading for young people or for those who are totally freaked out by tarot. They're a great ice-breaker. And I have a few other decks by other creators that I use for personal study. Mostly, I am drawn to Erik's Tarot Illuminati, Benebell's SKT (I'm currently waiting on the 3rd edition to do a comparison study), and the Runic Tarot by Jack and Allen is coming out in a few weeks...I'm super excited about that one. And not just because I'm the "Queen of Wands" in that deck. LOL!!!

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