• Wow, different spreads for types of readings? For types of questions? I can see how the Significator Card can be useful, I'm way super basic right now tho and will explore this more in the future 🦋

  • I have not felt the need to use them either. Often the Client / Querent "shows up" in the Reading anyways, as a Court Card, or some of the Majors & Minors, or a Card bearing the person's Life Path Number or other sigificant Number. Rather than picking a Significator Card, I'd rather keep that card "in the deck" for it to appear in the Reading. 

    If you Do want to use Significators, one way to be sure All the Cards are available in the Reading is simply to use a 2nd Deck, to pull the Significator from. This way, the card choosen as the Significator is still in the Reading Deck, and can then "show up" in your Spreads!

    The tradition and magical thinking behind this is that you are creating a Magic Proxy, for the Client / Querent, within the Reading. Some Readers swear by this, as a way to ensure more accurate Readings ....Have you found this to be the case?

    • This has largely been my experience as well; although I don't pull from a second deck  but should that Significator card appear in the reading, it's good to pay exra attention to where and which cards are nearby/influencing it.

  • I have  not had cause to use them yet.  I don't think that I would be opposed, though

  • I tend to only use them in spreads that require them, like the Opening of the Key spread.

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