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Nov 27, 2022
I had an interesting question pop into my head today: are our souls and spirits connected to dinosaurs? Were we once dinosaurs??? Have we evolved from them? I couldn’t take this question further and deeper than my three card spread at the moment, asking all three as I shuffle…but what the cards told me made me smile…as I always knew, we r all from the water of this planet…I didn’t ask and haven’t tried to see about before this place, yet, but the cards that came to me were 8 of Swords: arms are bound because they weren’t developed yet but we start by walking on land; King of Swords reversed: “The All” In Charge sending down swords from above, sending down beams of light and energy that create a wall for those daring to cross {in the 8 of Swords}, creating this other world, for all the hopefuls that take the chance to go thru this process of all the challenges, pain, growth that comes with being able to be human, and especially to feel and give Love; The Moon reversed: my focus is on the crustacean coming out of the water towards me, we all here have traveled far, mutating from the water!!!…I LOVE LOVE LOVE HOW TAROT COMES THRU ME…this is how I do: Visionary Channel, Energy, Respect to The All, Love & Desire to Heal myself and all of my Soul Mates thru Tarot xoxoxo maybe soon I will find it in my soul to go further into this subject, when the moment is right…

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