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Professional Tarot Reader Certification:

Today it’s important to be seen as a serious professional! …Join The Tarot Guild – The International Organization for Tarot Professionals, since 2004! …and Get Your Certification! ...You will also receive your Tarot Guild Membership Certificate! 

Certification is open to ALL Readers. You do not have to take our course to apply!

The 1st level is: CTR Certified Tarot Reader, and the certification process consists of an Interview, a Written Exam (short quiz) on general Tarot knowledge, and a Practical Reading Test...

We don't judge on style or methodology. The CTR Level is just about determining if the applicant is able to deliver a professional-level Reading.

During the evaluations, our examiners are asking themselves "What did I get out of this Reading?", "Was the Reader professional?", "Would I return to this Reader for another session?", "Would I recommend this Reader to friends and family?"...

*NOTE: You can Apply at anytime! ...The CTR Exam is "open-book" and can be repeated anytime, should you not pass. The "Test Reading" can also be repeated, should an applicant not pass, once per month, at NO additional cost. See the information at the bottom of this page to get started....

Scroll to the Bottom of this page for Information on Getting Started!


The Guild offers three (3) additional certification levels. You must first complete the CTR - Level before applying for higher levels of certification. 

The CTR certification is the only Level that requires Testing and Evaluation. The below Levels of Certification are all based on Professional Development, Experience and Merit:

Certified Tarot Professional, Master and Grand Master:

Just above the CTR Level is the CTP Certified Tarot Professional Level, designed for those who have worked as a professional in the field for a minimum of five (5) years, and can show they have developed as a professional.

This is typically shown by having a demonstrable body of work, showing their contributions to The Field of Tarot, in teaching, writing, blogging, podcasting, deck creation, book authoring, mentoring, or by acquiring an additional certification, in a related field (Life Coach, Reiki Master, EFT Practitioner, Angel Practitioner, Numerologist, Astrology, etc.).

CTP Applicants must have held the CTR Certification for at least five (5) years, or can show significant equivalent experience. 

Above the CTP Level is the CTM Certified Tarot Master Level and is designed for those who have been a professional in the field for a minimum of ten (10) years, with a demonstrable body of work, or show professional development, such as acquiring additional certifications in related fields.

Typically a CTM Applicant will have both the CTR and CTP certificates, however, if you have been a professional in the Field of Tarot for at least ten (10) years, and meet the above requirements, we can waive the prerequisite. 

In addition, The Guild may award the CTM certification to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the Field of Tarot.

Above the CTM Level is the CTGM Certified Tarot Grand Master Level. This is typically an honorary certification awarded to those who have made a significant contribution to the Field of Tarot, and are well-known Leaders in our Community…

However, the CTGM certification can be earned, by those who have 15+ years of experience in The Field of Tarot, and have held the CTM certification for at least five (5) years.


Once Certified, you will also receive a Listing on our Guild Certified Professional Readers Directory: TheTarotGuild.com/Readers

Don't hesitate to Contact Dax if you want help figuring out what level(s) of certification that you qualify for, or if you have any questions, or need assistance!  

Dax Carlisle, CTM President & Founder

or send an email: support@thetarotguild.com

To Get Started... Annual Premium Members, click on the "Certification" TAB, at the top of the Premium Members Group - Or, Lifetime Members, click on the "Certification" TAB, at the top of the Lifetime Members Group

If you are not a Member yet, first go here and Join:


NOTE: The first level of Certification (CTR) is FREE to Lifetime Members of The Guild! Higher Levels of certification are half-price, just $67 per level...

Certification for Premium (annual) Members is two-payments of $67, or a single payment of $124, per level....


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