You Can Private Message Other Members....

Just a quick message on communicating with other Members. In addition to Live Chat, and many other ways to interact, such as on the Forums, in Groups, you can also Private Message other members! This is just like instant messaging or Facebook Messenger. 

You must, of course, be Signed In, in order to send messages, or use the Live Chat. If the "Messge" button doesn't show up on a member's page, then you may not be signed. There is a sign in button at the top of every page....

You can visit the: Members Page ...and see if there is anyone you know! ......Happy Messaging!


Please Note: This feature is not to be abused. Chatting with Friends is one thing, but do not use Private Messaging to spam, solicit, harass, or otherwise send Members unwanted communications! ...Please READ our TOS: Terms Of Service - TOS

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