Every month, on our "Tarot Today LIVE" show🎙, we hold a "Psychic Spin" segment, on the last Saturday of the month. In this segment, we explore current events, topics in the News, or just what is on everyone's mind!

...Some Past "Psychic Spin" Topics have included: Billionaires in Space? Havana Syndrome - Directed Energy Attacks? How does The Universe work? Is there an After-Life? Is The Law of Attraction Real? Do Ghosts Exist?  Are Robots Going to Take Over? Will A.I. crush us? Are Fairies Real? What About Santa and The Elves?

How Do I Manifest My Dreams?  UFOs and Disclosure? Do Multiple Universes exist?  The Future of Space Travel? Is The Paranormal going Mainstream? Is Time Travel Real? Will the Digital Age bring on Globalization? The Space Force? Are We on the Brink of WWIII?

....Let us know what YOU would like Mary and I to Ask The Tarot:

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...Our NEXT "Psychic Spin" is Saturday, January 28th - with Open Lines and FREE Tarot Readings as well! You'l find the page for the LIVE on our Channel at: www.youtube.com/live/TSIKCfP-YyQ



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