Check out the 3rd Annual 24 Hour YouTube Tarothon! Featuring 20+ Tarot YouTube Channels! ...Presented by The Hermit's Cave YouTube Channel!

You can just click on the Titles (below) and watch them in order, if you like:

1. Tarothon Start - Pixie & The RWS Tarot
The Hermit's Cave

2. Intuitive Tarot Reader - Be One!
Tarot Map

3. My Photographic Decks
Christine & Celeste

4. Tarot Through The Looking Glass
Becca, Talks & Tarot

5. Jung, Tarot and Shadow Work
Little Zen Crone

6. Working with Ghost Cards
The Truth in Story

7. Fun Tarot & Oracle Decks
Roman Biscotti

8. Court Cards and The Zodiac
Maha's Treasure Box

9. Numerology - Unlocking The Secret Code - Part 2
Lavendar Moon

10. Tarot and Your Soul Contract
Kittens Weights and Tarot

11. Art of Tarot
Ladybird by ANATERESA

12. Finding Balance with Tarot
Jen's Balanced Tarot

13. More Decks, More Options
Moon Baby

14. Dare 2 Compare
Crossed Paths

15. Major Crafting - Channel Launch!
Wolf Meets Witch

16. Reading Tarot in Layers
Mitchell Osborn

17. Kickstarter/Indiegogo Revisited
Jennifer Ball's Witch House

18. Tarot for Devotion
Stellar Rain Dancer

19. Trash to Treasure, Deck Modification
Sunwillow Studio

20. Speed Reading The Tarot
Tarotdactyl - Mary Brown

21. Healing with The Tarot
Science to Soul Tarot with Jen

22. Weaving Tarot Majors ~ The Integrator’s Way
Musings by Mascha

23. Summary, Giveaway and Close
The Hermit's Cave




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