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So is everyone excited 🥳 for the New Year! .....New Year, New Possibilities! ...2023 is a "7" World Year! ...7 years are "magical" and "spiritual"! You may feel drawn to connect with your spirituality, your antenna is up where your intuition is concerned. You may venture out attending workshops, and finding people who are like minded.

This is also a wonderful year to teach anything relating to intuition or spirituality. If there is research to be done, this is the year. What about that genealogy project you have thought about or researching something you dreamed of? In a 7 year you can often live in your head a bit too much and need personal space. Just don’t hermit in too long and once you’ve had your space, get back into the game.

Find time to listen to music, take walks in nature and being near water can be very comforting and healing. 7 is a magical and mystical number; there is mystery in the air this year!

Tarot Master Teacher Joe Monteleone!

In case you missed it, be sure to catch Sharonah Rapseik's interview with Joe Monteleone! This was a fun show, with Readings in the second half. You can catch it anytime at: https://bit.ly/replay01082023

Sharonah will be back with another episode on Sunday, January 22nd, discussing: “2023” …What The Tarot has to say! ...plus Open Lines and FREE Tarot Readings! Check it out here: https://thetarotguild.com/events/radio01222023


Monday's "Tarot Today LIVE"!

On Monday, I had to "fly solo", as Mary was a bit under the weather, but I muddled through! Watch Anytime on our YouTube Channel at: https://youtu.be/skn5M-crkss

You will also find our past episodes and other great videos in our video section of the website: https://thetarotguild.com/videos and recent shows are also availabe right on the Main Page!

You will find Upcoming Shows in our events section: https://thetarotguild.com/events ...plus you will find upcoming YouTube Lives listed on our channel, and you can click them to be "notified": YouTube.com/@TarotTodayLive


"Tarot Today" YouTube Lives!

Speaking of connecting with like-minded people, our Monday and Saturday Lives are a great way to hang out with other Tarot Enthusiasts and Professional Readers! Mary & I are Live on-cam, on Youtube, and on Saturdays, simulcasting via BlogTalkRadio, at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern (U.S.)!

Join all of us in the Chat on the YouTube Live! Our next Show is this coming Saturday, January 14th!

👉 https://youtu.be/DTjy3f-xmjM


Introducing Our *New Lifetime Membership! 🎉 💜

You asked for it! Now, all-new for 2023, you can Join "The Guild" for a one-and-done price, with lots of extras....

This membership includes all of the benefits of the Premium Membership, plus Paid-Up-For-Life (a $480 value), Professional Tarot Reader Certification (a $134 value), a 50% Discount on higher levels of Certification, and our Tarot by The Numbers™ Course (a $297 value), ALL included!

Get started for Just $78! ...The *New Lifetime Membership is Just 3 payments of $78 or save even more, with a one-time payment of Only $197! 🎉 ...Find out more and grab this deal at: https://bit.ly/TarotGuildLifetime

💥👍🤯  We also have a "Special Offer", just for Current Premium Members! Check it out at the top of the Private Premium Members Group: https://thetarotguild.com/groups/PremiumMembers


See you on the next "Tarot Today" YouTube LIVE!
Bright Blessings,
~ Dax  ☕️ 🤠 💜




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