Tarot Guild News Update: March 28th, 2021


Hello fellow Tarot Guild Members! I can't believe it's almost April! ....Where is the year going? ...Perhaps it's because 2021 is not "dragging along" like 2020 did! Things ARE getting better folks! 

I just had my 1st COVID vaccine shot. They say most people get symptoms on the 2nd shot, but it hit me on the first one! ...My 2nd shot is Friday, April 16th, so - Just In Case! - we're taking that whole weekend off from our Radio Shows.

Things are opening back up, at least here in Tucson ....it almost feels "normal" here again!

Let's Welcome our Newest (March) Members:

Priscilla Eldridge -- Trisha Leigh  -- Carol Jialu Dong (Professional Member) -- samira pampillon -- Rae Crowley -- Coral Monroe -- and Deb Frueh (Professional Member)

If any of our new members haven't been to the Welcome Post, be sure to visit there. There's a lot of great information and Links to get your started! https://thetarotguild.com/news/welcome

If you haven't seen them yet, I have been doing Dax's Daily Dose of Tarot and Numerology articles/posts. A bit of guidance and a fun way to learn more about individual cards and Numbers, in Numerology. Here's my latest one, from today: https://thetarotguild.com/articles/COTD03282021

We are up to 339 Members on the website now, which has been growing steadily since the beginning of 2021...! Invite your Tarot Friends! ...Just give them this Link: https://thetarotguild.com/signup ...or send them right to the join Page: https://thetarotguild.com/join

Welcome and many thanks to our new Professional Members also! ...Many of whom have already sailed through the CTR - Certification! ...Congratulations! 

Our Tarot Guild Facebook Group has been growing as well. We are at 6317 members now! If you're not already a group member, visit there at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tarotguild/

You can Follow Us on Twitter too: @TarotGuild --- https://twitter.com/tarotguild

Be sure to check out our wonderful Tarot-related Radio Shows. You'll find Past Episodes, to catch up on, right here: https://thetarotguild.com/videos

...and check out our Upcoming Broadcasts here: https://thetarotguild.com/events

Are any of you new to Tarot? Check out my Tarot by The Numbers™, Tarot & Numerology Course here: https://thetarotguild.com/learn ...and it's discounted 50%-OFF for Professional Members!

Professional Readers, Get Certified! ...Join our Professional Membership and receive your Membership Certificate as well as your Certified Tarot Reader - CTR Certificate! Certification is discounted 40%-OFF for Pro Members!

Read more about Certification at: https://thetarotguild.com/certification .....Join the Professional Membership, to get your discount: https://thetarotguild.com/join

Bright Blessings!
~ Dax

Dax Carlisle
President & Founder - The Tarot Guild, Tarot Advisor,
Numerologist, Life Coach, Hypnostherapist



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