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It's November already (can you believe it?! ) and the Holidays are quickly approaching! In fact, I hope you all had a Fun, Safe, and Scary Halloween 🎃 👻 💀!

October 31st (Halloween) was also our 18th Anniversary! 🎉 🍾 The Tarot Guild is Now in it's 19th YEAR!

Mary Brown and I did a special YouTube LIVE and BlogTalkRadio Simulcast that day ...you can watch it anytime, right here: https://youtu.be/H3-kTnXTly0 ....On our "Tarot Today LIVE" YouTube channel.

Speaking of that, come "Talk Tarot" with us, each Monday and Saturday! Mary and I "go Live" on the YouTube channel with "Tarot Today", at 11am Pacific / 12pm Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern (U.S.) / 7pm London (U.K.).....


It's a great opportunity to come hang out with like-minded Tarot enthusiasts! We're "Talkin' Tarot" and also answering your questions!

You can ask anything you'd like about The Tarot Guild, Professional Tarot Reader Certification, Guild Membership and the benefits, Tarot in general, as well as Numerology ....Along with Hypnosis, Crystals, NLP, Reiki, EFT, and many other related topics!

Viewers can also ask for a Mini-Reading, right there in the Chat, on the Live! On Mondays, we are exclusive to YouTube. On Saturdays, we also simulcast on BlogTalkRadio, and you can "call in" to the show: 714-816-4628!

Our next Show is this Saturday, November 12th! We will be talking about French-Canadian composer Réjean Paquin's Tarot music! His album "Tarot" has 22 tracks, one for each of the 22 Major Arcana cards!

👉 👉 👉 Join us at show time, on the LIVE, here: https://youtu.be/lsostnlGKBo


I just spoke with Réjean yesterday, and he recently has made the album available for FREE! ...Although you can make a donation, if you like. Check it out here: https://music.thetarotguild.com/

In fact, Mary K. Greer said about the album: "Serious musical compositions for the 22 Major Arcana (with voice/sounds reflecting social commentary). There is plenty of variety that accords well with each Arcana."

Be sure to "Like" the video(s) 👍 and consider "Subscribing" to the channel 🔔 ...hit that bell icon, after subscribing, so you receive notifications of all of our Lives and other Tarot content we upload on the channel!

You can always find your way to the channel with this URL: www.TarotToday.Live .....You will see our Upcoming live streams at the top, which you can click "Notify me" on, and all of our previous content, including past Lives, Free Workshops, Tarot Tutorials, and a lot more.....


Healing Thru Tarot! .....Sharonah Rapseik's Guest, on her "Magic Universe" broadcast, Sunday, November 13th, will be Heather Hardison of HealingThruTarot.com. Heather is a licensed clinical psychologist, Tarologist and author of multiple books, including: "The Call of The Cards"! 

Visit here for more information: https://psychictalk.net/radio11132022/ ...and you will be able to Listen in to the radio show, live, and be in the Chat Room at: TheTarotGuild.com/Chat

Sharonah will also be taking your Calls: 714-816-4628, after the interview, and offering FREE Tarot Readings!


During our 18th Anniversary Celebration, we have some wonderful Specials for you!

👉 You can Join the Premium Membership for Just $1, for the entire year! Already a steal at the regular $12 ($1 a month), during our Anniversary Celebration, we want to make it a "No-Brainer" and even easier for everyone to Join "The Guild"!

Read about ALL of the benefits of membership at: Join.TheTarotGuild.com ....including being able to apply for Certification, Readers Directory Listing, your Own Page ...fully customizable, with a Custom URL web address, professional email address, promotion of you and your business, learning opportunities, Guest Appearances, and a lot more....

Click the big blue "JOIN NOW" button on that page, and you will be taken to the private premium members group, and asked to "Subscribe"....

Click "Subscribe" and in the box, on the payment screen, where it says "Promocode", enter: 18YEARS

Click the green "Check" button to apply the discount! ...That's it! ...It will discount your Membership to Just $1 ...!

👉 Professional Tarot Readers! ....After you Join the Premium Membership, you will find a discount LINK near the top of the private premium members group! ....You can Apply for CTR Certification for 37%-OFF!

If you are already a Member, just go to the Premium Members Group now. Also, if you are already certified, and ready to Apply for a higher level of certification, you can use the same LINK and get the discounted rate! ($46 OFF the regular application fee)......

👉 The Tarot by The Numbers™ Course! ....If you are interested in Enrolling in our Tarot & Numerology Course, you can take 60%-OFF, during our Anniversary Celebration!! 🎉🤠

.....and, CTR Certification is INCLUDED with your enrollment! ...Read more about the Course at: Learn.TheTarotGuild.com ....Click the big blue "ENROLL NOW" button, hit "Subscribe", and enter the Promocode: 18YEARS

....Then click the green "Check" button, and your enrollment will be discounted $180-OFF!

WOW!! 💜 🤯 🤯 🤯

Remember to come "Talk Tarot" with us this Saturday! ...We look forward to seeing you there and "hangin' out"!! 🤠 🎙️ 🎉

Bright Blessings,
~ Dax  ☕️ 📢 😎 💕


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