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  • I watched this last night and truly enjoyed it! I started off reading reversals in my early days of reading, and then a few years ago, I stopped because I found it overwhelming. But I really like the idea of combining two decks, and reading one as upright and the other as reversed. So I went out to my local metaphysical store and bought one copy of the Universal RWS and one copy of the Albano RWS for this purpose. I have learned that shuffling a double deck is a challenege (and I am 6'8" and therefore have commensurately large hands). I can do it, but it's difficult. Shuffling using the "wash method" on the surface of the table, while not my favorite method of shuffling, is definitely your friend in this case. Beyond that, I haven't done any actual readings using the two-deck system yet, so I'm not sure yet how I like it from a reading standpoint. But it was an intriguing enough idea that I had to try it!

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