Clients often don't know what to ask, or frame their questions in a disempowering, or unhelpful way... How do we guide them to the most helpful inquiry? In this FREE Workshop, we discuss How to Craft the Best Questions for Tarot!

This is a panel discussion, with members of The Tarot Guild Staff, including CTM Corbie Mitleid, CTM Pamela Steele, and CTM Dax Carlisle, and held via Zoom Meeting!

...Also, check out my article: "99 Deep Questions for The Tarot!" that references a great article, by Sarah Regan, from, with a host of Deep Questions to ask The Tarot.

....and here is a helpful Resource PDF I created with the Questions, for easier reference:


I hope to see you at the Workshop! 🎉
Bright Blessings,
~ Dax  ☕️ 🤠 💜



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  • Hi Dax,

    Unfortunely, I was unable to make the Workshop Live.

    What great information!!!

    I was just giving a Mediumship reading and I said, without even thinking about it, "you have just started on this path, if you continue on this path, this is what will most likely happen..."  I thought that was insteresting due to what you were talking about towards the end.

    Thanks for the information.

    Blessing, Sharon

    • WOW! 🤯 😎 That's dead-on! ...Yes, very synchronistic Sharon! 😃 👍

      💜 🎄 🎅🏻

This reply was deleted.

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