Your Customizable Profile "My Page"!

One of my favorite Features of the new website is the Customizable Profile, that every Member gets - Called the "My Page".

After you Signup for the website, when you click My Page, in the navigation bar, your will be taken to this profile. (If you click My Page before you join, you will be prompted to Signup.)

Your Profile will be located at: <<< Which is handy for Readers that don't have their own website.

Hint: You don't need one! ....You can Customize your My Page as you like, and promote the your page on social media, on your business cards, and so on!

Premium Members can even get a Custom URL address for their PAGE!: 

When you first arrive, there will be a default Profile Image (unless you already chose one in the Signup process) and a default Cover Image. You can change both of these by uploading new images from the Options Button (wheel). In addition, there is a Customizable Bio / Information Block available!

Here you can add contact information, such as your email, social media links (your Facebook for example), a telephone number, etc. You can add Any Text you like, such as a Bio, information about your Readings, other Services, etc. You can even add an image, or HTML - it's fully cusomizable!

This Information / Bio Block will not appear to visitors, until you click the "Add Text" button and update it. If you wish, you can just leave it blank, and visitors to your Page will only see the Tabs Block below it.....

...You can see the "Default" My Page here (more images below):


After You Customize Your My Page, it will look a little like This:


Use Your Bio / Information Block to suit Your Needs (example):


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