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Today the DATE-Energy reduces to (05292021 = 21 = 2 + 1 = 3) the "3" VibrationThree is from the Creativity & Communication Numbers Sub-Group - 36 and 9.

9002693262?profile=RESIZE_180x180The DAY-Energy reduces to (29 = 2 + 9 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2) the "11/2" Vibration, bringing with it the same Energy as our Card of The Day, The Justice Card (11)! Eleven is The Master Illuminator Number, and Two is from the Business Numbers Sub-Group, 2 - 4 - 8.

Today is a great day to take advantage of the Date's Three Energy, and be Creative! What can you create that will be emotionally fulfilling for yourself, while enhancing the Lives of others?

What "Big Problem" can you solve for others, creating Value, with the skills & knowledge you possess (or can acquire), that you can apply your creativity to and enrich both yourself and those you help?

Tomorrow it will be a Day to make a Plan for this (The 4-Vibration)!

Two is the arbiter, and The Justice Card is the ultimate arbiter! ...Like Two, she is able to see the two sides of a situation in an unbiased way and guide others down the middle road. 

9002715858?profile=RESIZE_180x180The Llewellyn Deck version of the Card, and the Waite/Smith version, are very similar. Lady Justice holds a broad sword in her right hand, and a scale in her left.

This Card is about accepting responsibility, being fair-minded and considerate. She brings with her harmony, balance, equanimity, and the resolution of conflicts....

In the Waite/Smith version, she is flanked by two pillars, similar to The High Priestess, but instead of black and white, both pillars are gray, showing the resolution of the Duality, and that Truth always lies in the middle (The Temprian Principal).

The purple drapping behind her throne is symbolic of independence, wisdom, devotion and Creativity! Her red robes show she is passionate about The Truth and helping others...

Her broad sword is also symbolic of The Middle Path (Temprian Path) and the fusion of opposing view points (the forging of steel), but also indicates that Truth can be two-edged.

In the Llewellyn version, Justice is represented by the Lady of the Fountain, from Welsh mythology. The story includes King Arthur and his knights! It's quite fun. You can read it here: Owain, or the Lady of the Fountain

9002731085?profile=RESIZE_180x180See how many Threes, our DATE-Vibration, that you can find in the story! I found that very synchronictic! "Arthur and 300 (3+0+0 = 3) of his men embark to find Owain." "...they feast for three months." "Owain, however, remains with his fellow warriors for three years..." "Three months pass, and one day the earl comes to the castle." 

The Justice Card can show up sometimes when you need to Speak Your Truth! This could be to others, or even to yourself. You may be worried about hurting the feelings of others, or that it will be uncomfortable for you....

...but this Card is about having character, integrity and honesty! Facing the Truth, even if it is uncomfortable, is exactly what you need to do now ....having integrity and character.

Ask yourself also, is your Life balanced right now? Is there something you need more of? ...or less of?

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, and Bright Blessings!
~ Dax

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