COTD = The King of Cups
DATE = 12-16-2020 = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5
DAY = 16 = 1 + 6 = 7

Let's start with the Numerology of The Day today, because we have an interesting situation, with the DATE Energy of "5" and the DAY Energy of "7".  7 is like your Personal Sunday. It's a Day of Rest. This is a great day for me-time, self-care, taking an online class, reading, research - especially anything to do with Spirituality, how The Universe works, metaphysics, psychic and spiritual practices, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, writing, genealogy projects, crafts, and so on....

Now, althought "5" and "7" are Natural Match Numbers (both belonging to the sub-group: The MInd Numbers), this is one of the times even Natural Matches can be at odds. 5 is the Number of The Adventurer. It's a high-energy Number. You have vast reserves of Energy you can tap into today!

But you can see the challenge here. The Day of 7 is saying "Rest Time", and the Date of 5 is saying "Go out and have fun, explore!"... The Energy from the Date tends to be dominant, but just sit quietly with yourself, and notice how You Feel about this. Which seems more natural for you to focus on today?

8291207073?profile=RESIZE_400xAlternatively, you can break up the Day, having your quiet time, rest, self-care, etc. first, then go be Adventurous! Or, the other way around ....It's all up to YOU!

I do want to point out, however, that The Card Of The Day (COTD) is in alignment with the 7 Day Energy. Today is a Day to be in control of your Emotions, and to explore the depths of these Waters. Self-Exploration, Meditation, your Subconscious......

The COTD is The King of Cups. Cups are about Emotions & Feelings. The King sits on a solid, stone throne. Meanwhile, the rough seas are all around him. Ships are being tossed around, and fish even fly out of the water! But notice The King is "on top" of the seas, on his solid throne - He's "on top" of his Emotions.

The King of Cups is the Master of Emotions, emotionally balanced (he isn't looking at his Cup, as in other Court Cards of The Tarot). He is diplomatic, intelligent, compassionate, he offers wise counsel, and is not easily read, tends to be artistic, liberal, considerate, and somewhat reserved...

His sceptre Represents power and control. He wears a fish neclace. He is The Fisher King! In feng shui this is a symbol of wealth and abundance, and is another symbol of Water.

The Ship being tossed around in the background is Red, the color of Passion. It's his "vehicle" to get where he wants to go in Life. Part of his cloak/royal robes is Red as well, and there is a lot of Yellow & Gold. Yellow is the color of optimism, and Gold represents love, wisdom, courage, compassion and magic well as wealth and luxury.

Blue is the dominant color.  "What in the blue blazes???" ...."I’ve been feeling kind of blue." ...."He’s a true blue friend." ...Blue is a calming color that can represent reliability. It's serenity, stability, inspiration, and wisdom. Blue can also symbolize the deep, unexplored Waters of our subconscious and emotions...

Bright Blessings,
~ Dax


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