COTD = The Devil Card
DATE = 12-18-2020 = 16 = 1 + 6 = 7
DAY = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9

In the Numerology for today, we have a DATE that reduces to the 7-Energy. Seven came up yesterday as the Day Energy, and, as you may recall, is often a day of rest. It's also a day for delving into metaphysics, your spirituality, as well as your subconscious drives.

The DAY Energy today is "9". Nine is the end of a cycle, and it's a time for letting go. Letting go of (getting rid of) things that are cluttering up your Life!

These can be physical objects. Literally it's time to clear out your closests (drawers, the garage). Things you haven't touched in 6 months, or 6 years! Make room for The New, as we approach a New Year!

It's also time to let go of anything 8299952260?profile=RESIZE_400xelse that no longer serves you: beliefs, past baggage from previous relationships, toxic relationships, attachments, addictions - bad habits, old projects you are never going to complete.....

The COTD is also about things, people, habits, addictions, and beliefs you are attached to, and a reminder to root them out and let them go....

The Tarot Card of The Day (COTD) is The Devil Card! .....This is an iconic card from the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck that, like The Death Card, is often feared and misunderstood.

The dominant figure on the card is not "The Devil" at all, but rather Baphomet, or the Horned Goat of Mendes, a creature that is half man, half goat, with bat wings and eagle talons for toes. 

He is symbolic of Duality in the physical realm, and the balance between good and evil, male and female, and human and animal, originally, and only more recently has he become linked to all things "Evil".

He crouches on a half-cube. Another Duality symbol, representing having only half the knowledge, half the story, incomplete, and not based in reality.

He also actually represents one fo the four Angels that appear in the Waite/Smith Tarot Deck, Uriel! Uriel, associated with the Element of Earth, is believed to be the Angel that came to Noah to warn him about the coming flood. 

Though Angels do not have actual genders, Uriel has been most often portrayed throughout history with masculine features. He is associated with power, lightning, thunder, fire, and electricity.

He rasies his right hand in a Jewish blessing (the Vulcan Salute! from "Star Trek") and with his left hand, he lights his torch on the flames on the man's "tail". This shows he has no true power, and all his perceived power actually comes from Us!

...Our fears, thoughts, desires. And he uses this to chain us (literally in the card) to this false reality. Remember the old maxium "F.E.A.R. is just False Evidence Appearing Real"?

In fact, looking a bit closer, you will see that the chains are looped around the human figures' necks quite loosely. They can remove these chains at anytime!

This card can mean illusions, even manic behavior, sexual obsession, addictions, uncontroled lust or hate, and avarice. In alignment with the DATE Energy of "7", take a deep, honest look inside youself! ....and in the spirit of the DAY Energy of "9", what are the things it's time for You to Let Go of!

Bright Blessings,
~ Dax


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