COTD = The Five of Swords
DATE = 12-19-2020 = 17 = 1 + 7 = 8
DAY = 19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = 1 +0 = 1

In the Numerology for today, we have a DATE that reduces to the 8-Energy. Eight is Abundance, Prosperity and Success! There's the opportunity to make great headway towards these on an 8-Date.

The DAY Energy today is "1". One is the beginning of a Cycle, and is about Self. 1-Days are a great time to start something new, and with an 8-Date, especially something that has the potential to lead to success and abundance.

8305715487?profile=RESIZE_400xThe COTD today can also be about Success, Winning, but at the expensive of others......

The Tarot Card of The Day (COTD) is The Five of Swords! .....Swords are Thoughts & Ideas, and The Five can be about negative thoughts and attitudes, as well as communication problems.

Arguments, defeat, loss, failure, humiliation, insensitivity,  tension & betrayal, unhealthy competion, personal attacks, being lied to, bulling / being harmed by others, being in trouble without doing anything wrong, are all indicated here.

In a love reading, The Five of Swords can denote betrayal and abusive relationships. If the Seeker is single The Five of Swords can denote dating the wrong people.

In a career reading, The Five of Swords can signify unhappiness in a career, and even backstabbing in the work space.The Five of Swords can also mean work involving damage control, internal investigations, police and army careers. 

But let's take a look at the Card itself. A lot of the meaning here can be dependant on whether you are identifying with (focused on) the two individuals in the background, or the dominant figure in the foreground. Of course, in different Readings, when this Card shows up, your focus will shift between the two....

The figures in the background look defeated, and are looking towards the body of water, representing their emotions. One way of looking at this scene is that they have tried to pick up all the swords (thoughts / ideas) and were unable to do so, and gave up. The yellow and red of their tunics show they had the optimism and passion, but failed anyway.

The figure in the foreground however has a green tunic, denoting growth. He still has the red (passion) underneath, but he has grown and learned. So he isn't attempting to pick up all of the swords at once, but instead is picking up three, then he will come back for the rest. He is organized, and has a Plan!

The message here, especially now, as we are approaching a New Year, and you are ready to start something new, with the Day Energy of "1", that has the potential for Success, Abundance and Prosperity (the Date Energy of "8"), you need to make A Plan, and break down your Goals & Projects into smaller, actionable steps!


Bright Blessings,
~ Dax


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