Halloween Tarot Spreads!


GHOSTS ......We all have Ghosts in our closets; literally maybe, or figuratively. What Ghosts from the Past are still Haunting You? This Card will help you get clear on this, or give you advice on How to Banish those Ghosts!

MONSTERS ......What Phobias, Fears, Bad Habits, are you ready to release in 2021? This Card may hint at what one to work on first, or How to Release them!

TRICKS ......How is your Mind / Subconscious "Tricking" you to hold on to what you no longer need? What no longer serves you? What Blocks can you release before 2021?

TREATS ......How can you bring more Sweetness, Fun and Abundance into you Life, for 2021?

COSTUMES ......We all wear Costumes and Masks in our Lives, not just on Halloween. We don't always get to pick these Masks & Costumes. Situations and Other People do it for us. But on Halloween, WE can pick who/what we want to be, and change into that by simply putting on a costume!  ...What if we could do that in real-life? Well we CAN! Who would you be, if you could be anyone you want to be? This coming year Choose for yourself who you are going to be! ...This Card will help you, if you are having trouble deciding (figuring out) who to be, or perhaps some advice on How to Do it!

Here's Another Halloween Spread:

This is a favorite little spread, that is terrific for parties and get-to-gethers. It's nearing the end of the year by Halloween, and time to take a look at what to hold on to and what to let go of, as we head into the next year!


Be sure to check out our List of Halloween Decks, if you haven't already! It's the most comprehensive list of over 100+ Halloween-themed, fun, spooky, gothic, scary, dark, and macabre Tarot Decks, Oracle Decks and Lenormand Decks!

Find it under "Articles" or use this Link:


Did we miss Your Favorite Halloween Deck or Spread? Let us know and we will add it! TheTarotGuild.com/Contact

In case you missed our "Tarot Today Radio" Halloween Episode, with Mary Brown and I, you can catch it here: Halloween Episode - What are Shadow People?





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  • How cool! Thank you Dax!

    • Awesome 😊 Cathryn 👍

      Glad you liked it! Did you see the List of Halloween 🎃 Tarot Decks? Let me know if I missed any or if you have a Spread we should include! 😃

      ~ Dax

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