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The Holidays mean times for Fun, Family, Gatherings, Holiday Cheer, Decorations, Music, FOOD, Kindness ...Oh, and Peace - Right!? ....By the way, did I mention FOOD!?? Yes, many of us look forward to this time of year, but many of us dread it, as well! ...Trust me, you're not alone!

Everything from, picking "the right" gift, to Christmas Music (that's way too early and you're not in the mood for), spending time with the relatives you really would rather not spend time with, traveling to the gatherings, and putting up decorations ...it can be very stressful!

This year, carry your Tarot Cards wherever you go,
and use them to Survive The Holidays!


Prepare Ahead of Time!

One of the keys to succes in anything is to prepare ahead of time! Take the time to learn some stress-relief techniques and get them into your "Tool Belt"  before the Holidays! ...Such as EFT for Stress Relief .....and you can also create anchors, that will allow you to enter and maintain a positive state, whether during that stressful holiday shopping, the office party, or the next holiday family get-together/dinner: NLP Anchoring Positive States

Set Your Intentions NOW!

Before things get too stressful, set you Intentions NOW, for The Holidays! While everyone else is expecting to be walking into a "war zone" at family gatherings, set the intention and go with a positive attitude!

Pull a Card or two that represents the outcome you're looking for ....maybe even light a candle too, or another ritual you are fond of. You can also do a Spread, with your cards, and see what to expect...

But remember, we have free-will, and you can change those outcomes, by pulling the cards representing what you want to occur, and setting the intention! ...or at least you will be forewarned and forearmed.

What Do I Do First?

Have a lot to accomplish?? Pull a card or two to see where to start - what to tackle first! Create your "List", with Tarot as your Guide!

Daily Guidance

Get inspiration and daily guidance with Tarot. Throughout the Holiday Season, be sure to carve out some "quiet time", just for yourself - and draw Cards every day!

Do a "Daily Draw", and then Re-Focus your Intention, that you did above. Next ask questions about upcoming events, what you "most need to know now", and how to solve "problems" as they arise...

Problem Areas (or people)

If you are already aware of particular issues (or people), pull Cards about them, and deal with it ahead of time. Ask for guidance, and don't forget to bring in Gratitude, and set your Intentions....

Cooking With Tarot

Ideas for FOOD, for you upcoming gatherings? They're just a Tarot Card away! ...How about Cups for shrimp cocktails? Swords for skewers! Cards with greens or gardens for vegetarian delights? See a hearth in a card, chestnuts roasting over an open fire anyone? Use your imagination!

Travel and Tarot

During hectic travel, either by car, plane, or both, it's handy to have your favorite Deck of Cards in your pocket or purse!

You can do meditations, impromptu readings with family & friends - in the car with you, or even strangers, while waiting at the airport, play games - card games, charades with cards, and more....

Tarot Time-Out

Things getting stressful at a gathering? Family getting on your nerves? Take a time-out ...head to an empty bedroom, bathroom, closet, back yard (whatever you have to do), and pull out your Cards!

Pull a card to help you Center, and re-focus on having a good time. This is a good time to use your EFT De-Stress! If there is a particular "issue" going on, pull some cards on how to resolve, or at least get past it! ....and don't forget to setoff your NLP Positive State Anchor!

Spice UP The Party!

Tarot is always the answer to spice up your party or family gathering! Pull out the Cards, and everyone is instantly fascinated! Do Mini-Readings for your Guests or Family Members! Tell them their Personal Year Number for 2019! Play charades with Tarot. Introduce them to the ancient game of Tarocchi!

Visions of Sugar Plums

Everyone nestled in? ...But you're still trying to get some much-needed rest? Dump the sheep and try counting Tarot Cards instead!

Tarot Gift Ideas

Trouble finding that "Right Gift" for that hard-to-please friend or relative, or the ones that "have everything"? ( I know you hate it too)

...If you're inspired to do so, pull a card that represents the person you're picking the gift for, or put a picture out on the table, of them, and pull some cards for inspiration.

In fact, on Saturday, December 21st, Mary Brown an I will talk about this on our Radio Show: Giving The Perfect Gift with Tartot ...Plus we have a Spread for you! ...This will be right before Christmas and especially helpful for those last-minute purchases......

Give The Gift of Tarot

You can also, Give The Gift of Tarot! This can be as simple as gifting Tarot Decks, or for friends / family who own decks, gift them boxes, spread clothes, Tarot bags, and related items!

For something Unique and more Meaningful, gift a Reading or a Numerology Report …and for friends & family who are into Tarot (or should be), how about gifting our Tarot Course, a Membership to The Tarot Guild and/or a Tarot Certification, for you favorite Tarot Reader!

...You can Book a Reading and/or order a Numerology Report on my Page: TheTarotGuild.com/members/DaxCarlisle

...You can Book a Reading with Mary on her Page: PsychicTalk.net/Mary

....and we have Gift Certificates available, if you are giving the Reading or Numerology Report as a Gift!

Tarot Guild Gift Package:

We also have a complete package for You, or you can give as a Gift, from "The Guild", that includes: Membership in The Tarot Guild, my Tarot by The Number Course (a $197 value), Your Tarot Certification (a $47 value), a Custom Full Numerology Report ($37), and a Private Full Tarot Reading Session (a $97 value)!

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...On the radio show, we discussed Surviving The Holidays, with Tarot, Crystals, and More! ...Plus We will held Open Lines, ALL show! Listen Anytime HERE:




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