Intuition & Tarot by Sharonah Rapseik

Intuition & Tarot by Sharonah Rapseik

 Intuition & Tarot…….The Little White Dog by Sharonah Rapseik

Our intuition is our best friend, whether negotiating our journeys through life or when reading and interpreting our Oracle and Tarot cards.

I like to think that our intuition is like the “little white dog" on The Fool card. We are never alone, our intuition is always present and always at our side protecting and guiding us.Tarot’s numbers, words, and images function as magical keys that can unlock our intuition or psychic abilities. These psychic abilities are sometimes known as  “The Clairs”. I like to believe that they are linked to the four elements or the four suits in the Tarot deck.

Whenever a lot of wands show up in a Tarot reading, we may receive flashes of enlightenment or inspiration This is known as “clairvoyance” or clear vision. We see the light!

Whenever a lot of cups show up in a Tarot reading, we may receive information through our feelings and emotions. This is known as “clairsentience.”  We feel the information.

Whenever a lot of swords show up in a Tarot reading, we may “hear voices”. This is known as “clairaudience” or clear hearing.

And finally when a lot of pentacles show up, we may receive impressions of taste, touch, and smell when we touch your cards. We also may know an answer to a question without knowing exactly how we know. This is known as “claircognizance.” The information is received like a download on a computer.

The Fool card has always been my favorite card in the Waite-Smith Tarot deck. Our intuition is forever barking at our heels like the little white dog on The Fool card.

Do you know? It’s artist, Pamela “Pixie” Colman Smith took inspiration for much of its imagery from her time with the Lyceum Theatre and her circle of friends there. She was inspired by costuming, color and movement, and many of the cards capture the magic and illusion of a stage play. 

Her close friends actress, Ellen Terry and her daughter Edy Craig were particularly influential. Ellen Terry's Lady Macbeth most likely inspired the Queen of Swords card, and Edy Craig and her cat “Snuffles” can be seen in the Queen of Wands card. 

I am excited to share something with you.

I have just learned the identify of The Fool’s little white dog.

He was a little Pomeranian / Spitz mix named “Bruin”. He belonged to Ellen Terry.

I am thrilled to share a photograph of him along with this article. 

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Sharonah Rapseik is Host of Magic Universe with Sharonah, the 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month, and a Producer for Psychic Talk Radio. She is a Certified Master Angel Practitioner™ and Life Coach, as well as a Certified Angel, Oracle and Tarot Card Reader™………

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