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I first wrote this article and put it out last year, (2020) when many, if not most of us were "locked-down", or severely limiting in-person contact due to COVID-19. So now that we are all vaccinated and "out and about" once again, I thought I'd re-post this!

Remember, now that we're seeing folks out in our communities again, as soon as they find out you are a "Tarot Reader", you are instantly the most interesting and popular person in the room! So, along with always having your Tarot Cards with you, be sure to have Business Cards with you as well...!

I can't tell you how many times I have gotten into a conversation with someone or a group of people, and by then end, they wanted my contact information, but I didn't have any business cards with me. So I had to hurriedly jot down something for them!

That said, try to get creative with your Business Cards! You want to stand out, so folks remember you, and so that they don't end up in the "circular file", which is where most business cards end up!

These days, there are some fantastic and creative commercially available business cards out there, that really stand out! However, they tend to be pretty pricy, and I think you can be creative on your own!

8241798093?profile=RESIZE_400xOne clever way is to take an old Tarot Deck, you no longer use, or buy several new decks online - I have seen Decks available for just a few dollars! .....Then print your Name, Title and contact information on self adhesive labels...

Simply stick the labels onto the back of the Tarot Cards, and Voilà! ....Instant, inexpensive, clever, and memorable Business Cards! (see example image)

If you'd rather have them mass-printed, you could do something similar by creating a custom Card, with your contact information on the front, and an image of a Tarot Card on the back! I recommend Vista Print.

Perhaps you already have a particular card that you connect with! .....For me it's The Magician. You can use the Card you identify with as literally your "Calling Card"!

Now how to get the image? ...Images of Pamela Smith's original cards are public domain, and readily available online. You can also acquire copyright free images of Tarot Cards through websites such as: iStockPhoto and shutterstock. If you are a Deck Creator, you can of course use your own Cards, or request permission from your favorite Tarot Deck Creator / Artist!

What clever ideas have YOU come up with for your business cards, as a Tarot Advisor? Let us know!

Best Wishes,
~ Dax




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