Hey everyone! .....We've had some excellent Questions of late, on our Facebook Group, especially from new member Marion Hansen! Thanks Marion! ...If YOU have any Questions about Tarot, or Numerology, don't hesitate to post them on the Facebook Group, or contact me directly, and I'll answer them:


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....I've turned some of these questions and inquiries into articles, here on the Tarot Guild website! In case you missed them, here's some recent ones:

Tarot History and The Kabbalah...

 Is my Waite/Smith (RWS) Deck Genuine?

The Tarot Cross of Manifestation...

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  • How come there are so many interpretations of numbers in 9575294660?profile=RESIZE_930xnumerology? Is there any specific "school" you follow?

    • Excellent question Vida! .....And I get that a lot ....Both for Numbers AND the Tarot Cards! I put my response in an article for you here Vida: https://thetarotguild.com/articles/number-interpretations

      I hope it helps!


      Why Are There So Many Different Interpretations of Numbers in Numerology?
      Excellent question from Vida: How come there are so many interpretations of Numbers in Numerology? Is there any specific "school" you follow? ....Ori…
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