• Always. Spreads focus me.

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    Hi all,

    When the cards fall before me, I often combine both methods, like a dance of energies. Spreads provide structure, a roadmap, to dig deep into specific aspects of your query. Each position carries a unique energy, like the notes in a song, creating a rich tapestry of insight.

    Yet, the Free Psychic Chat, that's where intuition takes flight. It's the whispered secrets between the cards, the unspoken stories in the silence. Sometimes, the cards themselves decide the positions, revealing what's most pressing in your life.

    Balance is key. So, it's a fusion of structured spreads and the intuitive river of the cards. That's how I unlock the secrets of the Universe for you.

    May your path be illuminated,

  • I have never understood asking cards questions so for me I prefer the free flow. As I don't use tarot for others and only for self-reflection, using a free flow allows me to write. When I draw cards, usually  words or sentences come up and that is how I approach a reading for myself.

  • Hi Everyone,
    I Usually like to use cross reading to read cards.For me it is the easiest ans the most simple.

    Because Each position mean something, it is more difficult to make mistakes.

    Especially when you are going through a bad moment, sometimes, you need clarity and not fog...

  • For an initial reading I use a positional cross spread.  One axis is a conscious line of awareness and the intersecting axis is of a subconscious line awareness.  Additional cards are added to the positions for clarification as needed.

  • I've been reading specific spreads almost exclusively until recently. Lately I started pulling out 1 card at a time during the flow of the conversation, kind of inviting insight into the discussion.

  • I do use positions (loosly).  This past weekend, I read at a psychic fair local to me.  I used the cross as shown above, but "assigned" a different value. 

    I call it my self- reflection tarot spread  what do you think?



    • I like this elemental spread!

  • That largely depends on the querant and the question. everal years ago, I made a modification to the celtic Cross, turning it into a "wheel" or "shield" (origially due to the aera avaiable while I was doing a reading.) The card positions have remained largely the same as the standard CC, although I at times will pull clarification cards for any and all of them.


  • My go to is a personalized version of the Celtic Cross. Often, though, I also draw additional cards for further explanation in a more free flowing way. And when I'm not using the CC I'm usually laying out 3 cards at a time in a free flowing way until the story is told.

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