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Hello All!

My name is Chloe, and I am a junior in college. I am conducting a class research project about literacy practices in communities, and I felt that this community would be a stellar example. 

You see, the aim of this study is to see how personal experiences and social experiences, such as following the lessons offered in tarot certification courses, has influnced how a person not only interprets tarot cards, but how learning tarot might influnce a person uses literacy in their day to day life. For example, signs and sincronicities that may have not been very attention-catching before.

If anyone would be interested in being a participant, please follow the link below: 


For any additional questions, please feel free to reach out!

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  • Your research project sounds fascinating, and I love that you're exploring the connection between tarot literacy and day-to-day life. Count me in as an interested participant! For those curious to join too, you can check out - https://moretarot.com/tarot-spreads. Can't wait to contribute to the study and uncover more about the magic of tarot in our lives!

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  • Hello Chloe, Is this study ongoing, or has it ended? Cathy 

    • Unfortunately this is finished, but I still appreciate you reaching out.

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