The Magician

Oooh I'm barely 18 minutes in to module 4 of Tarot By The Numbers and Dax mentions something I never noticed about The Magician I thought ide share: you can only see half the table (in the Waite deck)?! Why didn't I pick up on that before? What's on the rest of the table? All kinds of other goodies I hope...that's why I like these forums, to see things thru other minds💙🖤💚💜💗

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  • I love the fact that some decks refer to The Magician as "The Alchemist" -- so much about the idea of "changing lead [normal, dualistic understanding] to gold [spirituality, connection with All That Is]." And here, under the table may be things and ideas that the Alchemist has already discarded.

    I love symbolism that gives you a deep dive!10078984491?profile=RESIZE_584x

    • LOVE that card Corbie!

  • YES! ....I've always took it as, "we only have half of the story"! 😉💜

    I've always seen the Majors as "The Journey of The Magcian", as opposed to the usual "Fool's Journey" .....The Magician is all about "Manifestation", and we only have "half of the story".

    This is because we live in a dualist Universe, where our "senses" dominate, and we don't see the full-nature of existance. Once we do, we can "manifest" anything! 😎🎉☕️

  • The Essential Guide To Tarot by David Fontana says about the Magician that "He guards entry to the Major Arcana and reminds us of the illusory nature of the material world and that our view of reality may have to change if we are to proceed further." I like that explanation or view, gonna throw that in with the other views I have of this card.

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    • 🖤Oooh I absolutely love this depiction🖤

  • At the other side of the table, the High Priestess is patiently holding her scroll. The little white dog is sitting at her feet.

    • Whaaat? I'm gonna check that out wow

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