About Sherie:

Energy Healing Therapist / Reiki III Practitioner


What Do I Do?

“I See - I Hear - I Dream - I Assist In The Healing Process”

What Methods I Use?

Usui Reiki III, Intentional Tarot, Moon Rituals (working with lunar cycles). Mind Mapping, Vision Boarding; along with other spiritual practices that can help improve clarity and shift perspective(s). For There Is Only One Mind.

Why Do I Use Tarot?

“I come from a family of mystics who uses divination tools to receive messages. Tarot is simply one of them. I initially began consulting the cards to help interpret my shamanic dreams (journeys). From there it evolved into assisting others who are seeking guidance as they navigate through their own inner-work (shadow work)”..Sherie Blakely

Intentional Tarot + Energy Work Is My Area of Practice.

Using A Holistic-Shamanic Approach Towards

Awakening Individuals To Self-Empowerment Awareness 

Intuitive Gifts: Seer, Clairaudient, Dreamer

Master Chakra: Throat

Reading Style: Direct


“The Stars Have Spoken. Yes. They Know My Pedigree”

Tarot Profile:

Sun: Pisces (moon)

Moon: Pisces (moon)

Rising: Sagittarius (Temperance)


Soul Card: Strength

Personality Card: Star


“For I Am The Light-- U-C-me”

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