We are celebrating ALL Weekend! 🎉 💜 🥳 ....International Tarot Weekend! ....and "kicking it off" with a special Facebook Live! ...Hosted by our Director of Professional Development, Tarot Master Gary Karp, and Tarot Guild Founder & President, Dax Carlisle! ...Featuring Mary Brown!

The Tarot has become even more popular and mainstream in the last few years.... and we have a lot to Celebrate! ...So let's hangout and party, chat about how we discovered Tarot, how it has influenced our Lives, and what we see for the Future! 

Read more about International Tarot Weekend, Check out our other events for Saturday & Sunday, and our Specials here:

International Tarot Weekend

🎉 💜 ☕️ 🤠

Let us know what YOU are doing to celebrate! Use Hashtag: #InternationalTarotWeekend 




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  • I'm listening to the replay and I really like the explanation of the three of swords. It makes so much more sense looking a intellect instead of emotion. Many thanks to you for this, both as a reader and personally as well. 


    • You're welcome. It always amazes me that people always associate that card with emotions rather than intellect. I thought Mary's comment that it was connected to anguish was wonderful and really cuts to the mental aspect of emotional pain.

    • That's awesome Laura! 🤠 🥳 I always say if even just one person gets something out of some content we put out, I am happy! 💜 ☕️ 😀

  • I love how you said you were a Recoving Catholic, Dax. I feel that same way! 

    • Hahaha! 😆 ...YOU too !? 🤣 


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