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In 2017 a grassroots movement arose to create an "International Tarot Day" for ALL Tarot-Lovers, world-wide, to celebrate Tarot 🥳 🎉 and all it has to offer! It was held on July 8th 👉 7/8 👈 for obvious reasons! 😉 

This is a non-commercial, decentrali

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Hosts Mary Brown and Dax Carlisle "Talk Tarot" and 🎉 Celebrate International Tarot Weekend (ITW), on "Tarot Today Radio"! 🎙 💜 ...Mary and Dax reveal their Tarot Cards & Numerology of the Day and take some great Calls! ....Radio Host & Tarot Guild St

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We are celebrating ALL Weekend! 🎉 💜 🥳 ....International Tarot Weekend! ....and "kicking it off" with a special Facebook Live! ...Hosted by our Director of Professional Development, Tarot Master Gary Karp, and Tarot Guild Founder & President, Dax C

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