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Mary and Dax chat with Ellie The Moonchild about Oracle Decks! Ellie is a Tarot Guild Staff Member and Guild Certified Professional Tarot Reader!

Join us each Saturday for “Tarot Today LIVE”! 🎙 …Hosts Mary Brown and Dax Carlisle will be “Talkin’ Tar

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On this Episode of “Tarot Today Radio”, 🎙 Hosts Mary Brown and Dax Carlisle welcome their Special Guest: Raven Digitalis, to discuss "The Empath's Oracle"!

...Also, be sure to check out Mary's Walk-thru and Micro-review here:
The Empath's Oracle


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Mary Brown, Tarot Guild VP/ Dir. of Comms, takes her column "Unveiled with Mary Brown" in an exciting new direction -- an unscripted and live video discussion with one of the most fascinating artists making oracle decks today... Rassouli~!!

Mary will

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