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This Saturday features our monthly "Psychic Spin" segment! ....We ask The Tarot the BIG Questions! ....Life, The Universe, what's on everyone's minds, current events, etc. This month, in the news: Robo-Taxis and Robot Workers ...Let's Ask the Tarot!

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Learn how to discover your specialty and audience, as well as other ways of setting yourself up as "The Expert", and be seen as a cut above the rest of the horde of Tarot Advisors out there today! Nicole is a Member of The Guild and a Certified Taro

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Dax celebrates 13 Years of “Tarot Today”! 🎙️ 🎉 …Plus the 13th Anniversary of The Tarot Guild going “Online”! 💜 🥳



Join us each Monday and Saturday for “Tarot Today LIVE”! 🎙 …Hosts Mary Brown and Dax Carlisle will be “Talkin’ Tarot”, plus FREE Mi

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🎉 Anniversary Celebration Specials! 🎉

👉 Join The Guild for Just $1 One Dollar! ...Regularly $12 for the year ($1 per month), during our 18th Anniversary Celebration, Join for the whole year, for Just a Dollar! ...Go here: JOIN THE GUIILD "S

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