In 2017 a grassroots movement arose to create an "International Tarot Day" for ALL Tarot-Lovers, world-wide, to celebrate Tarot 🥳 🎉 and all it has to offer! It was held on July 8th 👉 7/8 👈 for obvious reasons! 😉 

This is a non-commercial, decentralized, un-trademarked event, not associated with any particular organization, group or individual... It's for ALL of US!

In the five years since, Tarot has become even more popular and mainstream! ....We have a lot to celebrate!

What did YOU do to Celebrate? A blog hop? A local meetup? A contest? Create a Tarot deck? Get Reading? Offer free Readings? Teach a workshop? An article on "Medium", your local newspaper ...TV, radio? ...The sky is the limit! 🤠 ☕️

Let us know what YOU did to celebrate! Use Hashtag: #InternationalTarotWeekend 

We celebrated ALL weekend, with terrific events each day! ...Check them out anytime:

👉 👉 👉 Watch our Facebook Live "Kick-Off Party" from International Tarot Day (ITD) Friday! Hosted By Tarot Masters Gary Karp and Dax Carlisle, and featuring Mary Brown! ....Watch Anytime: https://bit.ly/KickOffParty07082022

👉 👉 👉 Hosts Mary Brown and Dax Carlisle "Talk Tarot" and 🎉 Celebrate International Tarot Weekend (ITW), on "Tarot Today Radio"! 🎙 💜 ...Mary and Dax reveal their Tarot Cards & Numerology of the Day and take some great Calls! ....Radio Host & Tarot Guild Staff Member Sharonah Rapseik "popped in" with her "Tarot Superhero Origin Story"... and discussed Tarot in TV and movies, RWS / Waite Smith Tarot, with us, and a lot more! ...Catch the Replay anytime here: https://bit.ly/radio07092022

👉 👉 👉 In addition, Sharonah Rapseik talked the RWS Tarot, with the FABulous Sasha Graham, on Sunday! ...Continuing the Celebration 🎉🥳 ...Catch the Replay anytime here: 👉 https://bit.ly/radio07102022

👉 👉 👉 Speaking of International, check out this cool video: https://bit.ly/stoneprinttarot ...Giordano Berti and Ivano Ghiglia with a stone to print Tarot! 🤯 😎

💜 🎉 😎 Happy ITD & ITW 🎙 ☕️ 💜


Sizzlin' Summer Sale Specials: https://bit.ly/SizzlinSummerSale2022


Happy Tarot Weekend! 🎉 💜 🥳 🤠
~ Dax



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