My Background:

Certified by Edgar Cayce's A.R.E., Rachel's insight provides practical spiritual guidance to serious callers, offered with compassion and clarity. With over 40 years’ experience, her readings can often point to the heart of the matter.

A deep spiritual focus guided my development of sensitivity to the "unseen". Studies of metaphysics, spiritual philosophy and psychic awareness began early in life and continue throughout - along with holistic health, energy healing work, spiritual philosophy, meditation and an inner Happiness. This Consciousness allows the Connection - Communion - Communication of a deeper focused reading which can truly guide the caller along a life path toward Happiness and True Fulfillment.  

Wayshower Intuitive, Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment

Soul Realignment® Practitioner

Regenesis, Mastery of Energy Healing and Quantum Touch Practitioner

Reiki Master

BA in Philosophy Within Literature

Tour Director for Holistic Life Travels,  transformational journeys to ancient temple sites in Egypt and Peru 


Rachel's Readings:

Your specific questions are answered with a unique spread created on the spot to show “the Heart of the Matter.” 

DEEP INSIGHT into the human heart and interpersonal dynamics, in all types of relationships including family, friendship, work - for UNDERSTANDING even to the SOUL LEVEL. 

Gain UNDERSTANDING of your loved one’s deepest feelings, desires and their likely free will CHOICES


-What does your soul and your Spirit Guide plan for you, or your POI?

-What is the best he/she can be for your needs?

-What might you do, energetically or in action which might assist to shift the situation?

-What possibility or chance is there that “X” will happen? Can be answered in % percentage of possibility (due to “Free Will” etc.) 

I cannot make decisions for you, but we will explore possible outcomes of your options so you may choose a path toward Inner Happiness. 

I will always say what is shown to me, in a gentle, compassionate tone.

"For a Spiritual Healing Solution and Prompt, Accurate Response:

*  Please have a question, or area of concern ready to share, and a willingness to foster connection and communication.

*  Tell me the first names and ages of all concerned, please. 

*  Please ask what it is you wish to discover.

Often we are unable by ourselves, to see clearly the issues which obscure the truth of our inner light.

Through expanded awareness, important information is revealed that can be beneficial in solving life's problems, leading to happiness and fulfillment.

Edgar Cayce, a celebrated trance channel, has said that the quality of the reading is related to the intensity of the need, and also to the depth of the questions. So please have your mind and heart focused on the question which is important to you to participate in a profound and helpful reading.  (Test questions which you already know the answer to do not stimulate a a psychic connection, please be honest and sincere.)

Rachel's readings can pin point what the deeper problem is, and:

* Sees beyond the question,

* Has the ability to give you the truth,

* Identifies what is holding you back,

* Gets to the heart of the matter,

* Unravels the next steps. 

* True Spiritual Understanding, Deep Insight & Guidance

* Honest answers with kindness & compassion.

* Spiritually Guided Intuitive gets to the core of any issue offering helpful solutions. 

* Clear relationship insight and practical spiritual guidance.

* Multi-cultural religions & spirituality studied, experienced and welcomed!


“To rise in consciousness from one dimension to another, you need help… a spark of intuition… Where a messenger is needed or a guide”…I AM THAT by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj Pg 274


PLEASE NOTE: Honest Answers Only. It is not a service to tell you whatever you wish to hear, just to please you for a moment. 

NEW! A little blog about being a professional Tarot reader - written for Tarot Readers!

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NEW! A little blog about being a professional Tarot reader - written for Tarot Readers!…
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NEW! A little blog about being a professional Tarot reader - written for Tarot Readers!…
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